Linda Moore, President

As an author I have three books completed, the fourth one well on its way and have done months of research on the Internet to learn how to get the books printed without being taken in the ruthless world of publishing. With self-publishing an option, although in the literary world, frowned upon and even shunned, I decided to start Moore Publishing of Michigan. Not only, to publish my own writings but to assist others with obtaining their dream of being published. While the title of the company is Moore Publishing it is, in reality, a writer’s membership club where all writers participate in the marketing of all members’ books, thus expanding the outlet for all writers.

The greatest joy in this adventure is who I work with. I couldn’t ask for better colleagues. Their talent astounds me, and their dedication humbles me.  I look forward to our staff meetings and our daily communications. This isn’t a job; it is an adventure. We welcome authors into our family and work with them to reach their dreams. That is a trip that is often very gratifying.


Loretta Bradfield, Founding Partner

Loretta Bradfield is a founder and a partner of Moore Publishing of Michigan. An accomplished artist, illustrator and musician.   As a young, aspiring author, Loretta was thrilled to have a major publishing company interested in one of her books – but then disappointed by the meager returns and lack of creative control she would retain. Knowing there had to be a better way, Loretta began exhaustively researching the ins and outs of publishing. Taking this knowledge, she then published her own books. Certain there were many other would-be authors who felt the same way she did.  She came up with the idea for a hybrid form of publishing – not a traditional publisher, self publisher, or vanity press – Loretta saw Moore Publishing as more of a co-operative between the publisher, authors and illustrators.  Her creative vision and business development efforts earned her the recognition of the Ann Arbor Jaycees, who nominated her as the 2012 Young Outstanding Michigander of the Year.


Jennifer Phayakalas, Manager

I studied Healthcare Administration, and earned my Bachelor’s degree from Eastern Michigan University in 2000.  While studying at EMU, I met and worked for Linda, forging a professional relationship and personal friendship.

I utilized my degree in a corporate setting for nearly 13 years.  Recently, I chose to leave that position to devote and dedicate more time to my family. I believe that when one door closes, another is sure to open, and it did!  Linda presented me with the awesome opportunity to voyage alongside of her with Moore Publishing.

My professional history with Linda, and the strong customer service and administrative background I have acquired, will prove to enhance the experience individuals have with Moore Publishing. I am motivated, and excited to embrace this journey.